who are we?

We are La Granja, Ability Training Center, located in Fuentidueña de Tajo, Madrid. We have created a world surrounded by nature, animals and horses, magic and freedom where everything is possible. A world where emotional education is our tool to educate, and where living together will be a positive experience that you will always remember.

what makes us different?

  • Monitors trained in emotional education
  • Emotional education programs both in day trips and overnight stays, adapted to all school stages (from kindergarden to High School).
  • A method whose results have been scientifically proven by the GROP of the University of Barcelona (UB).
  • Free training in Emotional Education for teachers accompanying the students during their stay overnight.
  • Our foundation subsidizes activities for students with few resources.
  • Natural dressage horses.
  • A wide range of programs (farm, emotional, environment, adventure, etc.).
  • Our own homemade cuisine, attending to special diets, allergies and food intolerances